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Book - Pioneer Voices

Book - Pioneer Voices

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Pioneer Voices of Zion Canyon by Eileen M. Smith-Cavros

Introduction by Lyman Hafen and Photographs by Michael Plyler

Published by Zion Natural History Association, read the words and feel the stories of second and third generation pioneers of the greater Zion National Park area which were assembled during the Pioneer Voices of Zion Canyon Project in 2004. The project compiled oral histories of interviewees who lived or worked inside what is now Zion National Park from the 1910's - 1930's, while others lived nearby in Rockville, Springdale and Grafton, Utah.

In their own voices they explain what it was like to live in this inspiring place in a time of transition, to struggle with a seemingly impassive land and to share the joy, hardship, faith, love, frustration, death, and triumphs while coming of age in a land called Zion.

Hard bound

96 Pages

This is a Zion Natl Park Forever Project publication.

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